The best way I can describe my art – it’s the wallpaper of my brain.

I think many people connect feelings to moments in time and moments in time to emotions. That duality becomes the foundation of expression.

However, it’s not quite the same for me.

My feelings are connected to colors in the visuals I see when I make a memory or when I’m feeling a certain way about life or something I experienced.

My art tells my story – it’s bright, it’s shiny, it’s imperfect.

It makes no sense, it follows minimal rules, & yet it all somehow comes together.

Art is a conduit of expression.

Art envelops the soul.

You’re welcome. 💋

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M. DiRocco Fine Art is a collection of Abstract Art and Fluid Art made with love by Michele DiRocco. Pieces vary by medium used, which include acrylic, resin, and spray paint, and are a reflection of the artist’s thoughts and emotions. 

Commissioned requests are always welcome – please contact the artist directly, contact@mdiroccofineart.com. 

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